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arena DESIGN to wydarzenie, które w ciągu czterech lat wpisało Poznań na stałe na mapę europejskiego designu. Od początku istnienia arena DESIGN miała cele stricte biznesowe – jej zadaniem było budowanie relacji między producentami a projektantami.

W tym kontekście decyzja organizatorów o przeniesieniu wydarzenia arena DESIGN na termin zbieżny z największymi targami meblarskimi w Polsce okazała się strzałem w dziesiątkę.

Odebraliśmy wiele gratulacji od przedstawicieli świata designu jak i biznesu mówi Monika Wietrzyńska, dyrektor arena DESIGN 2012 – Cieszą nas opinie zwiedzających, którzy zwracają uwagę na wysoki poziom wystaw i ciekawą ofertę. Projektanci podkreślali duże zainteresowanie producentów. Jesteśmy przekonani, że arena DESIGN ma ogromny potencjał i może stać się międzynarodowym forum wymiany designerskiego know-how. – dodaje.

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    Both products are very slmiiar, Lee. We actually used the ComfortBatt in the interior divisions upstairs, considering we were already using it for the exterior walls. It just seemed easier and more practical. The TDS's differ from Canada to the US I wonder if the new Mississippi facility is manufacturing to different specs? It seems that the Safe n' Sound is available in the US, and I'm also pretty sure if ASTM C423 (Sound Absorption) were run on the ComfortBatt, the results would be pretty slmiiar. We used the Safe n' Sound on the ceiling that divides our ground level from the second floor. We had some pretty funky wiring to deal with here, and wanted fire resistance more than sound attenuation.After working with both, I don't want to deal with the pink stuff, ever again!It seems strange that you'd end up with a product made in Ontario instead of Mississippi, but either way, I'm happy you used Roxul. With R40, you're going to be able to heat with a candle, LOL.
  • (2014-11-30 07:02:19)
    Hey Liane,Doing EIFS

    Hey Liane,Doing EIFS is something best left to szceialiped contractors. The devil is in the details and not doing something properly can cause moisture to get trapped and your walls to rot. Yes, white (EPS), pink or blue (XPS) can be used but you'll want to check with the local EIFS distributor as to what special considerations (if any) need to be made.I don't know if there is a way to get it at the contractor's price. Typically manufacturers will give somewhere between a 15-25% discount to the contractors because they're regular customers. Home owners are not usually privy to this treatment. You can try asking the contractor who will do the base coat and finish coat to purchase the styrofoam with the other layers, and have you pick it up.Don't forget to apply a weather barrier (preferably trowel applied) before attaching the insulation.Jim
  • (2014-11-30 10:32:44)
    Salut Kim!We have no

    Salut Kim!We have not done projects where full EIFS was used on the initeror of buildings so I can't help you with this issue. I would recommend contacting your local building department and your local EIFS manufacturer. For Montreal this is .As a personal taste I would avoid the insulation being on the initeror of the building to . Though the linked study was intended for steel stud with brick, my overall understanding of building envelopes in Canada is that insulation should be placed on the exterior of the building for optimal performance of the insulation and moisture management.
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